BGC BRANTFORD is a leading youth-serving organization providing quality after school and out-of-school programs during critical periods of child development.

Our more than 50 years of service has been dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and their families in the Brantford area and surround communities.  

Who We Supported - 2020/2021 Program Season

  • 200+ families are involved in our programs and services
  • Over 275+ active children and youth participated in programs
  • 29% of our participants come from single parent homes
  • 34% of Club participant Fees were subsided 
  • 20,538 snacks were provided
  • 4,048 meals were provided


Our Participants 

Social Isolation & Dis-engagement * Aggression * Fear * Inability to Regulate Emotions * Decreased Resiliency * Lack of Problem Solving * Ineffective Conflict Resolution * Poor Communication * Depression * Loss of Recreation Programs * Anxiety * Struggling to Re-Integrate * Family Instability * Loss of Daily Structure, Consistent Routines & Expectations *

Our Families

Food Security Needs Heightened * Financial Instability * Employment Instability/Loss * Challenged Supporting Children's Academics Effectively * Instability to Create Structured Environments for their Children * Mental Health (Depression - Social Anxiety) * Fear of the Unknown * Difficulty Knowing How to Deal with their Children's Behaviours *

Our Programming

* Inability to operate Camp Kummonanplay & Summer Leadership Development programs due to COVID-19 restrictions * Before and After School Care Programs Suspended Due to School Closures * Inability to operate Evening Recreation Drop-In Program due to Pandemic and Financial Restrictions * 

Our Employees

Social and Job Isolation * Job Security * Job Loss * Mental Health (Depression - Anxiety) * Fatigue & Burnout * Stress * Difficulties Adapting to Change * 

Where Did the Club Excel Navigating the Pandemic?

Staying True to the Clubs Mission & Mandate * Putting Fears Aside to Service our Children & Families * Extreme Flexibility to Ensure Families Needs Came First * Sourcing and Securing Financial & In-Kind Supports * Customer Confidence * Pro-Active Approaches & Anticipating Change * Transparency * Attitude! * Ensuring Infection Control Policies were Continuously Updated * Making Things Feel Normal * 

Participant and Family Comments & Testimonials

"Thank you very much for the gift card.  That was so very kind and thoughtful" - Parent

"I got a pet" - Participant

"COVID is depression" - Participant

"I am literally at a loss for words right now.  This really has brightened up my day.  Thank you for the support" - Parent

"It blocked my life" - Participant

"I was able to see my brother more" - Participant

"I don't like COVID because I can't breath when wearing a mask" - Participant 

" My family and I want to extend our gratitude to the BGC for thinking of us during this time.  We truly appreciate your efforts" - Parent

"COVID took away my friends" - Participant

"I hate online school" - Participant

"I didn't realize that I didn't really know my kids - lockdown allowed me to re-connect" - Parent

"COVID sucks" -Participant

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