BGCB - Ministry of Education Licensed CHILD CARE Services (Toddler & Preschool)

BGC BRANTFORD offers high quality child care for children 16 months to 5 years of age.  The Pedagogy curriculum encourages school readiness, fun, physical activity and enriched personal development in a warm, caring and positive environment.

We believe each child is an individual active learner, full of curiosity and potential, eager and capable of achieving success in school and beyond.

Our programs are about: * Achieving EDUCATION * Ensuring SAFETY * Promoting PHYSICAL LITERACY & NUTRITION * Fostering CREATIVITY * Encouraging POSITIVE COMMUNICATION * Supporting PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT * Respecting MENTAL HEALTH * Reflecting PRACTICES * Building RELATIONSHIPS *

BGC BRANTFORD - Kiddy Korner Daycare

2 Edge Street, Brantford, ON  N3T 6H1

(519) 752-2964 ext 121 or 

Open 12 months

Toddler & Preschool Programs

7:15am - 5:15pm

BGC BRANTFORD - Banbury Child Care 

141 Banbury Road, Brantford, ON  N3P 1E3

(519) 751-2808 or 

Open 12 Months

Preschool Program

7:30am - 5:30pm  


Toddler Full Day - $39.50

Toddler Half Day (No Lunch) - $24.50

Toddler Half Day (With Lunch) - $29.00

Preschool Full Day - $37.00

Preschool Half Day (No Lunch) - $24.50

Preschool Half Day (With Lunch) - $28.15

" My son Johnathan has been attending Kiddy Korner Daycare for over a  month now and is having the time of his life.  Before this experience, he attended a home daycare but the environment didn't seem to work for him.  He needed a place that made him feel comfortable, a place like "home", and Kiddy Korner was that place.  The staff are friendly and attentive to his needs.  He gets the chance to express himself and learn from the experienced team and peers during playtime.  I am glad that my son is happy and my husband and I are grateful to everyone at Kiddy Korner Daycare for this wonderful experience..."  - JA (Parent) 

"As the parent of a 4 year old enrolled at Banbury Child Care, I know the Boys & Girls Club to be a provider of quality child care and outstanding preschool education.  In a few months, my son will start Kindergarten and I am confident that he is well-prepared for both the school system and a journey of life-long learning.  Evidence of the rich learning environment at Banbury comes in many forms:  I hear my son singing a new song that learned during circle time or I'm the student he proudly instructs on diverse topics ranging fro table manners to fire safety.  Thank you to all the enthusiastic and caring professionals who work at Banbury!"  - SKS (Parent)

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